motor-trade-insurance1. Motor Trade Insurance

When it comes to the business of insurance, Insure Direct With Us tops them all.

Are you looking to get a motor trade insurance? Look no further Insure Direct With Us delivers only the very best.

We offer policies for Buying & Selling, repairs & servicing, delivery & collection, valet services, accessories / alarm fitters, MOT garages etc.

We boast a very experienced and fully dedicated Motor Trade team, we have managed to secure superb and very competitive rates from the underwriters and are able to offer you a very competitive yet very comprehensive cover.

As well as Motor Trade we also offer;

    • Demonstration cover
    • European cover
    • Protected no-claims bonus
    • Spouse cover on your trader’s policy

Call us toady for a ‘free’ and ‘no obligation’ quotation


2. Small Business Insurance

The importance of getting business insurance cannot be over stated. For SME’s and entrepreneurs starting out, having the adequate small business insurance is crucial.

Here’s a breakdown of how Business Insurance is made up

Public Liability Cover

Unforeseen situations such as when a visitor or customer sustains an injury whilst visiting your premises. In such scenarios the individual reserves the right to claim for compensation as a result of the injury or damages sustained. Public liability cover takes care of unpredictable situations like these.

Employers Liability Cover

Employer’s liability cover is required by law to be provided for people working for your employees. This cover also extends to ex-employees that became ill or injured as a result of working for you. Employer’s liability covers against incurring medical and legal fees if any of those cases arise.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

In a case where a customer files for compensation due to advice offered by yourself in such scenarios professional indemnity insurance would be claimed against. In general, this type of insurance is suitable for journalists, builders, engineers, consultants, architects, IT firms, accountants etc.

Insure Direct With Us have a small business dedicated team who are always available to offer you advice and guidance in obtaining the appropriate cover for your business.


taxi-insurance3. The Most Affordable Taxi Insurance Quotes from Insure Direct With Us

We offer very competitive rates for Private and Public Hire drivers working anywhere in the UK.

Call our dedicated Taxi team today and benefit from cheap premiums.


The Taxi team also deal with Chauffer’s and Courier Drivers.


property-owners-insurance4. Property Owners Insurance

At Insure Direct With Us our property owners insurance covers both commercial and residential properties. On the commercial side, we also support buy to let homes, land-lord insurance and blocks of flats. Our insurance policies have been crafted to meet your many needs.

Potential problems such as dispute with tenants, structural damages etc. There is no shortage of risk. Property owners are always being faced with challenges. There is no “One size fits all” it will be counter productive to get one insurance policy that covers everything. At Insure Direct With Us we provide a personalized insurance service that covers exactly what you need.

The return on investment that you intend to derive from your property is enough reason to give your attention to insuring your property adequately. You have access to our property insurance advisers to give you all the details you need. We also provide advice for property developers, land owners and managers on planning and managing your property insurance.

At Insure Direct With Us we provide help in many ways:

      • We can help you find out the extent to which you are exposed
      • Package a suitable insurance policy for your property portfolio.
      • Whilst you property is undergoing construction, we can still plan for your insurance.
      • We can access and manage your existing claims
      • We can make available perks and insurers that are suitable for you

In the UK, property insurance is now more than ever more complex. This arises as a result of tighter regulations and red tape that is constantly being implemented, At Insure Direct With Us our job is to make everything as easy as possible for you to be protected.


tradesman-liability-insurance5. Liability Insurance

At Insure Direct With Us our liability insurance policy is crafted to protect you against third party claims of negligence.


Public Liability Insurance: In the event where there is a damage to a third part property and in the process, your company became open to a law suit. Access to the best kind of insurance can guard you against it.

Environment Liability Insurance: This type of insurance takes care of the cost of repairing damages to the environment. It also supports both common law claims and claims that may arise from UK and EU legislation.

Product Liability Insurance protects the insured against the cost of compensation for personal injuries caused by your faulty product(s), loss of or damage to property caused by your faulty product(s) or un-foreseeable circumstances such as product faults that your quality control system could not identify.

Employers Liability Insurance this type of insurance guards a business against claims that may arisedue to injury sustained or illnesses to employees that was as a result of an alleged breach of health and safety.

Tradesman Liability As a solo entrepreneur, things could go wrong for your business. At Insure Direct With Us we partner with insurers that can provide your business with insurance policies that cover both self-owned and hired in plants, contract works and personal accidents.

Contractors Liability Our partnerships with Risk management insurance experts can work well for your business especially if your work related activities are carried out in very hazardous environments or simply require complex dealings. Our expert professionals have in-depth knowledge on your type of business. This will allow us to provide you with just the right kind of insurance you’ need.

Directors and Officers Insurance Some companies have ruled out this type of insurance mostly because they think it’s not important enough. This doesn’t cancel the likelihood of a claim being made against a director or an officer in a company or an organization. Claims can come from different groups of people such as shareholders, directors, employees, creditors, funders, customers and regulatory bodies. Directors and officers insurance is just as effective as every other kind of insurance.


other-insurance-services6. Other Insurance Services

We provide a variety of other insurance services, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.